Virtual Doorman Service

Remote Entry/Exit  Management

ITACC provides 24/7/365  personal doorman services from an off-site command center at a cost that is 50% more cost-efficient than current human guarding solution

ITACCS game-changing technology provides the same services as a traditional doorman or guard at the gate at a fraction of the cost. Be it scanning drivers licences identifying vehicles details or making informed decisions around access of individuals, groups or more. ITACC integrates the latest in security audio visual and access control technologies to remotely greet and manage visitors ,provide access, accept packages and deliveries or contact you telephonically . Regardless of the size of your building, estate or private home. ITACC delivers a personalized service where human machine interfacing is seamless , we have a solution for every building and every budget. Our remote doorman Operators are the eyes and ears of your property, remotely monitoring and controlling access to provide a superior level of security and customer service  and taking action as necessary

ITACC Virtual Doorman Efficiently Processes Requests Remotely with a human and Artifical intelligence engine. Virtual Entry/Exit Management, video intercom, overview surveillance, Licence Plate recognition , QR Code Visitor management, virtual Locker management and building operation. ITACC can verify that entry points are opened only for authorized activityor other requirments. ITACC can verify the identity of individuals requesting access with you directly, or allow access based on specific customer rules we confirm authorization, track and record activity, and report any exceptions all in a Realtime environment, where every action video and audio is recorded and stored Whether you have sporadic activity during slow hours, or are looking to streamline and have better records of your entry processes, or need to fill in gaps or after hours where traffic flow is low or compliance with , Working in partnership with your property management company , Virtual Doorman operators can help with day-to-day building operations and maintenance by overseeing service calls, building correspondence and more from a single platform that streamlines communication between the Virtual Doorman command centre and building management. ITACC Virtual Doorman can address your needs.

Adopting a Multi-Layered Platform Approach for Reduced Response Time & Improved Physical Security

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