Operations Security (OPSEC)

Operation physical security monitoring covering the defined areas of Video monitoring namely event based live monitoring and occasional Monitoring. SOLUTION: Realsite/Insite

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

Is intelligence about the human activity in a specific area derived from the exploitation and analysis of imagery sitemaps ,area maps, Asset tracking, asset protection and more.
SOLUTION: Insite/Oversite


Bespoke solution is customised specifically for a clients exact requirements or specifc industry around one of the Solution offerings where monitoring is not only customised, but the hardware customised and deployed with a service or stand alone SOLUTION:Realsite/Insite/Oversite

Retail Security Insight (RSIINT)

which again includes occupany management ,location analytics , transaction integration.
SOLUTION: Realsite/Insite

Bespoke Services


Towerwatch is a hardware and service built specifically for the telecommunication industry which delivers stand alone self powered security & monitoring technology to the tower industry including technology to detect deter and defend assets onsite Solution:(Realsite/Oversite )

Mine sweep

Mine sweep deploys offgrid remote mobile monitoring towers including IP CCTV /RADAR /GSM Detection /IOT Sensors communicating to a mobile AI control room with dual monitoring allowing for complete mobility to manage all threats to a mining environment Solution:(RealSite /InSite/ OverSite )

Access Vision

A virtual doorman product custom built to deliver manpower replacemwnr at the gate with full 360 degree coverage ,video intercom ,License Plate Recognition and more with dedicated manpower offsite to manage and engage with your visitor remotely vetting all aspects with full visitor management function Solution: Realsite

Adopting a Multi-Layered Platform Approach for Reduced Response Time & Improved Physical Security

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