Perimeter Monitoring

Advantages of Remote Perimeter Protection

  • Proactive technology can alert Remote officers to potential threats before an incident occurs
  • Cameras connected to the service automatically have advanced features no matter camera functionality ,Must be IP this includes artificial intelligence that will detect activity missed by the human element analyse it and send alert
  • Efficiency and productivity of your security program is enhanced
  • Scalable solutions can adapt to fluctuations in activity
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

Leverage intelligent video and Artificial Intelligence to detect unwanted activity


How Remote Perimeter Protection Works

  • Intelligent behavioural video analytic rules are customized for each camera view based on site requirements
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence reviews each frame generated by your security cameras this is done in Milliseconds
  • Internationally Certified and locally trained ITACC professionals review video as the second layer of verification of the analytic alarm activation and investigate live video feeds to verify a valid threat
  • The Security professional then makes an informed decision on the appropriate actions required

Options include

    • Audio Notification Response which can include client-tailored audio for real-time intervention
    • Activation of a Spot/Flood light if available
    • Alert onsite security team
    • Alert armed response

In all cases the ITACC agent remains in continuous communication with the security teams in event of an alarm to ensure situational awareness

Every Perimeter is unique, ITACC provides Expert consultative design by internationally certified personal who hold ASIS PSP and other certifications to aid in selection of ideal equipment and its placement in critical areas of your facility to optimize service delivery

Adopting a Multi-Layered Platform Approach for Reduced Response Time & Improved Physical Security

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