Shopping Centre, Mall and Retail Security Solutions


Shopping Centre ,Mall ,and Retail Security Solutions

Your Partner for Safe and Enjoyable Shopping Experiences

Retail tenants, their employees, shoppers, walkers and food court patrons all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe in your parking lot or they may not return. What’s worse, an incident could prevent new customers from shopping at your facility.

Shopping centres and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective retail security strategy,Specfically in South Africa and Africa.

We understand South Africa and Africas unique security needs and have decades of experience providing technology which delivers REALSIGHT of risk,intelligence and customer service to the Retail environment ,be it a Stripmall, shopping center and entire retail environment. Our Artificial Intelligence and Analytics monitoring can deliver:

  • Seamless coordination with local law enforcement and response teams to manage critical events and disasters
  • Crowd control for special events
  • Help deter theft
  • Respond rapidly to active criminal incidents
  • Assist in medical emergencies
  • Find lost children
  • Patrol parking areas
  • Heat Mapping
  • Occupany Management
  • Contact tracing
  • Licence plate Recognition
  • Face Recognition

Comprehensive Integrated Solutions Create Peace of Mind

Our retail security program REALSIGHT is customized to work together to “Manage to the Threat” and coordinate workforce deployment act as early warning  based on actionable intelligence and relevant risk at each property. Through an integrated approach to enterprise security we help clients in the dynamic retail industry create the safest, most secure environments that provide shopper peace of mind. 

  • Protect facilities access pointswith Licence Plate Recognition (ANPR) , Realtime facial Recognition
  • Detect and Respond to incidents in real-timewith technology that tracks and optimizes your security team’s movements to proactively mitigate incidents and facilitate rapid response.
  • Elevate your brandwith advanced security intelligence and technology solutions that augment physical security services.
  • Achieve better insight into riskwith improved command centre operations with ITACC bolt on service ,INSIGHT,INSIGHT delivers not only threat intelligence trend prediction and analysis but retail analytics such as  people counting per area entrance and more Heatmapping  Realtime and historical
  • Ensure business continuity, prepare for and respond to threats toward people and infrastructure, including workplace violence and active threat  preparedness fire and water threat management as well as community relations through OSNIT

Human Appearance

Realsight will detect a wide array of traits such as gender, age, skin color, facial hair. Innumerable accessories are also recorded like masks, eyewear etc.

Parking Occupancy | Weapon Detection

Detection of vacant parking spaces, unusual vehicle behaviour and threatening human behaviour, including weapon detection helps neutralize threats before they occur.



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